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Servicios Ocio Nazca Alliance

Recreation services

Castellón, Costa de Azahar offers its visitors wonderful opportunities for recreation. The location is idyllic with the warm waters of the Mediterranean and famously clean beaches along its coast and the striking mountainous interior and beautiful countryside. This landscape combines wonderfully with the fantastic sunny climate and creates the perfect conditions for the enjoyment of all types of recreational and sporting activities in the outdoors.

The area also offers the possibility of complementing these recreational activities with the enjoyment of more leisurely pursuits such as hitting the local bars for tapas and drinks or visiting restaurants to sample the local cuisine. This is without mentioning cultural activities with music, art and the province’s monuments all meriting attention.

At Nazca Alliance we aim to promote our province’s tourist activities and therefore offer our clients a large choice of recreational activities to enjoy during their stay:

• Sports.

• Health: Health services and beauty treatments at the Palasiet Thallasotherapy Centre.

• Cuisine: Organization of gastronomic activities and events.