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Company Nazca Alliance

The company Nazca Alliance

Nazca Alliance Real Estate Castellón Co. is a company that offers real estate intermediation services: the purchase and sale of properties, rentals, consultancy and other related services. We cover the city and province of Castellon and target an international middle to high-class clientele.

Our multilingual team is made up a select group of professionals specialising in real estate services, surveying, purchase analysis and value management for every type of property. Our team’s professional knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Nazca Alliance we are on the pulse regarding market metrics and trends which means we can successfully help our clients to identify and acquire the property that best matches their specifications.

Nazca Alliance Real Estate is constantly updating to stay ahead of its competitors in what is a fast-paced market. Our portfolio is added to on a daily basis in order to offer our clients the most comprehensive range of options for their home, business or investment.

Nazca Alliance Real Estate works innovatively to offer our clients the widest possible choice of services including the selection of a location for holiday & home rentals, recreational services and consultancy. Additionally we offer services relating to purchases of businesses, offices, urban land, farmland, retail outlets and building plots. Nazca Alliance is fully involved in every one of these processes from the first moment to the last and is commited to continuing this involvement even after the completion of the transaction.