Tourist housing is a rising business in Spain because of a legal existent vacuum

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July 10, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

The business of the tourist housing is a boom sector in the economical Spanish Outlook because the lack of a clear regulations contributes that many national and foreign investors have leapt to buy buildings with apartments low cost and they transform them into the apartments for rent making succulent profits within a short period of time.

The rise has been caused by different aspects: above mentioned legal vacuum, increasing tourist demand and the use of the great existent offer at very good prices after the real estate bubble.

The Autonomous Communities are in charge to regulate this activity but some of them have no regulations, thus, the big International investment group of risk capital has realized that there are many possibilities open for them with big ways of investment in our country.

Referring to the investment zones, the big cities have occupied the first place but little by little they have been extended towards the coast area and they will be spreadĀ  all over the country. Although, firstly, it seems a good temporal solution to combat the brick crisis, in the long run, this tendency can damage much our country hotel industry.