Advice for buying a second residence on the coast

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Now its the moment for buying a second residence on the spanish coast?

The experts predict that we are coming to an end of the fall in real estate assets prices and the buyers who have taken advantage of the low prices existed because of several years of economic crisis will see benefits.

The first step, we can choose thoroughly the asset we want to buy avoiding direct negotiations and we have to let the reputable professionals knowing the commercial local offer to help us.

The second step is to find a good financing, these days it is not easy to do it because of lack of liquidity. A good solution for it is to buy bank assets because we can find a safety, good prices and good financing combined in the same management.

After formalizing a deed before the Notary and after to be registered the property we have to choose carefully the company which will furnish the flat, will subscribe all the necessary services y other steps for a comfortable accommodation in our second dwelling.

Nazca Alliance is a member of the International Association of Property Professionals (AIPP)

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After being created Nazca Alliance has entered as a full member in this International Association which defends quality standards in this real estate market not regulated by voluntary acceptance of all members some ethical regulations of the behavior.

From the beginning the AIPP has created a behavior code to inspire confidence to the clients of the market of the property in their real estate purchase abroad, all the members of AIPP which have their logo promise acting with absolute transparency, honesty and integrity in all public and industrial relations.

To find any information about Discipline Procedure and Behavior Code of the AIPP we recommend visiting the website of the Association:

Moreover, AIPP is a website where advices and guides are facilitated to solve expensive formalities the buyer could face to in the foreign markets; it also publishes legislative interesting news for the users; we will inform you about all these publications in our website in the Blog of Nazca Alliance and we will respond you as best we can.