Services Nazca Alliance

Nazca Alliance is born to manage all the services related with sale of the real estate assets facilitating all the real estate movements of the capital from investment countries to Castellón Coast of Azahar.

The real estate services of Nazca Alliance are the next:

  • Inspection trips: to firsthand study of the chosen offer from a great presented variety
  • Sale services: the coverage of Nazca Alliance covers all the process till its successful culmination.
  • Post-sale services: to make the buyer feel sure and attended after the buying.
  • Leisure services: we help our clients to let them know the tourist attractions of the area
  • Additional services: leisure visits, sport activities…
  • Consulting and analysis: we advise you how to buy
  • Valuation of the real estates: appraisal real estate services
  • Management of the assets: consulting from the beginning to the end of the buying operation

But if you want to widen this information about real estate services visit our website

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