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Increasing of the real estate sales percentage and foreigners in Spain

Thanks to the properties purchase and by the foreign buyers the real estate sale data have improved comparing them with the 2013 year’s data which supposes more than 20% of the total of the real estate sales in our country; it is a motor of the growth of the purchase-sale of the properties in Spain.

The foreigners who buy a property in the Spanish area, they do it to invest in their retirement and, logically, the major of these sales are produced on the coast region of our country expanding in the provinces of Basque, Andalucía, Cataluña and Canarias Islands.

To sum up, the other most thriving markets come to substitute the Spanish purchase-sale during these years reinforcing the process of the ageing and outsourcing of our country because the buyers, in their majority, are retired and the sales are in the tourist areas.

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