Increasing of the real estate sales percentage and foreigners in Spain

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Increasing of the real estate sales percentage and foreigners in Spain

Thanks to the properties purchase and by the foreign buyers the real estate sale data have improved comparing them with the 2013 year’s data which supposes more than 20% of the total of the real estate sales in our country; it is a motor of the growth of the purchase-sale of the properties in Spain.

The foreigners who buy a property in the Spanish area, they do it to invest in their retirement and, logically, the major of these sales are produced on the coast region of our country expanding in the provinces of Basque, Andalucía, Cataluña and Canarias Islands.

To sum up, the other most thriving markets come to substitute the Spanish purchase-sale during these years reinforcing the process of the ageing and outsourcing of our country because the buyers, in their majority, are retired and the sales are in the tourist areas.

It is a good time to investent in the Spanish real estate sector

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After the endless years of the price fall for the properties with the Spanish real estate bubble explosion it seems that we are approaching little by Little to the prices which encourage to invest in the building sector of our country.

But this growth is not only due to the beginning of the scenario of the increase of the prices, there is another factor of the motivation: the arrival of the liquidity to the Spanish market. There are big Asian capitals looking for the safe countries to invest for a long time with possibilities of benefits and Spain has these fundamental conditions after five years of crisis and 50% price fall.

We have been living for some critical years in the sector but the most optimistic people believe that we have sunk and they predict that we will have some years of a sustained growth in the “brick”, there will be a time when the most sagacious persons can risk their patrimony willing to multiply it the next years.

You have already known the Spanish proverb: “Who hits first hits twice…”

Advice for buying a second residence on the coast

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Now its the moment for buying a second residence on the spanish coast?

The experts predict that we are coming to an end of the fall in real estate assets prices and the buyers who have taken advantage of the low prices existed because of several years of economic crisis will see benefits.

The first step, we can choose thoroughly the asset we want to buy avoiding direct negotiations and we have to let the reputable professionals knowing the commercial local offer to help us.

The second step is to find a good financing, these days it is not easy to do it because of lack of liquidity. A good solution for it is to buy bank assets because we can find a safety, good prices and good financing combined in the same management.

After formalizing a deed before the Notary and after to be registered the property we have to choose carefully the company which will furnish the flat, will subscribe all the necessary services y other steps for a comfortable accommodation in our second dwelling.

Tourist housing is a rising business in Spain because of a legal existent vacuum

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The business of the tourist housing is a boom sector in the economical Spanish Outlook because the lack of a clear regulations contributes that many national and foreign investors have leapt to buy buildings with apartments low cost and they transform them into the apartments for rent making succulent profits within a short period of time.

The rise has been caused by different aspects: above mentioned legal vacuum, increasing tourist demand and the use of the great existent offer at very good prices after the real estate bubble.

The Autonomous Communities are in charge to regulate this activity but some of them have no regulations, thus, the big International investment group of risk capital has realized that there are many possibilities open for them with big ways of investment in our country.

Referring to the investment zones, the big cities have occupied the first place but little by little they have been extended towards the coast area and they will be spread  all over the country. Although, firstly, it seems a good temporal solution to combat the brick crisis, in the long run, this tendency can damage much our country hotel industry.

The foreign buyers real estate increase in the first quarter of the 2014

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During these first months of the current year, 2014, we can observe an unstoppable increasing of the foreign buyers real estate sale and purchase operations in Spain, every five operations correspond to them, this increasing of 27, 2% regarding to the same last year period.

Furthermore, the foreigners look for the big and expensive properties (more than 100 m2) and (about 250.000€), thus, we can define a foreign buyer as a a quality buyer.

What is more, the foreign buyer is an investor or consumer of the second residential, preferentially on the coast.

If we section the buyers according to their nationalities we will see that they are UK citizens, a 15% of the total purchases, on the second and third places are French and Russian people with the rate of the 10% and finally, Belgium, Germans, Swedes, Norwegians and Italians are the nowadays buyers in the Spanish real estate market.

Ti sum up, the traditional areas are: Por último señalar que las zonas son las tradicionales: Catalonia, Valencian Community, Andalucía, Baleares and Canarias islands.

Nazca Alliance is a member of the International Association of Property Professionals (AIPP)

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After being created Nazca Alliance has entered as a full member in this International Association which defends quality standards in this real estate market not regulated by voluntary acceptance of all members some ethical regulations of the behavior.

From the beginning the AIPP has created a behavior code to inspire confidence to the clients of the market of the property in their real estate purchase abroad, all the members of AIPP which have their logo promise acting with absolute transparency, honesty and integrity in all public and industrial relations.

To find any information about Discipline Procedure and Behavior Code of the AIPP we recommend visiting the website of the Association:

Moreover, AIPP is a website where advices and guides are facilitated to solve expensive formalities the buyer could face to in the foreign markets; it also publishes legislative interesting news for the users; we will inform you about all these publications in our website in the Blog of Nazca Alliance and we will respond you as best we can.

Enjoy Castellon Coast of Azahar with Nazca Alliance

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The province of Castellón Coast of Azahar is one of the privileged surroundings of the Spanish Mediterranean coast and one of the best places to live in Spain.

120 kilometeres with 88 beautiful beaches combined with wild mountains, where the natural parks are located, make this province the second most mountainous in the Iberian peninsula, the warm climate with sunny summers and warm winters, the friendliness character of the people, the industrial and infrastructure development of the area… make Castellon Coast of Azahar one of the European places where the quality of life is more attractive than anywhere else.

Nazca Alliance develops in its website all useful information in the guide to know the surroundings of Castellon coast of Azahar and to be informed about the many possibilities of its surrounding.

Wellcome to the Nazca Alliance Blog

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Nazca Alliance Blog

Nazca Alliance Real Estate is born as a new project during the overcoming of the province of Castellon , Coast Azahar, from the economic crisis, the Company has its goal to get close assets either to sell or buy as well as investment purposes to the international markets.

Castellón is one of the emerging destinations of the Mediterranean area which will achieve an important development next years and it will change its role being only an area destined for a national resident and it will be equal to the rest of Spain areas regarding to the attraction of the European resident.

This blog wants to be an informative example for the international buyer interested in real estate investments in our country trying to help him to facilitate the processing of the different administrative obstacles the buyer could face to, and, above all, it will try to speed up the procedure realizing everything fast and sure.

What is more, the blog will let the International markets know an economic-cultural reality of our province projecting our cosmopolitan mentality and attraction capacity to the International markets because it is one of the pillars of attraction of Castellón Coast of Azahar. We have an opportunity to turn our region into the best destiny of dwelling on the Mediterranean coast and we must promote our area to reach an international residential tourist attraction; in addition, the urban promotion has to be accompanied with the promotion of the services we can offer and the tourist development.

Finally, we will try to emphasize all the properties or investments publishing them in social webs because we think that our followers are interested in them, and we want to leave open doors for new topics which could be interesting to share them in the future.