Increasing of the real estate sales percentage and foreigners in Spain

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Increasing of the real estate sales percentage and foreigners in Spain

Thanks to the properties purchase and by the foreign buyers the real estate sale data have improved comparing them with the 2013 year’s data which supposes more than 20% of the total of the real estate sales in our country; it is a motor of the growth of the purchase-sale of the properties in Spain.

The foreigners who buy a property in the Spanish area, they do it to invest in their retirement and, logically, the major of these sales are produced on the coast region of our country expanding in the provinces of Basque, Andalucía, Cataluña and Canarias Islands.

To sum up, the other most thriving markets come to substitute the Spanish purchase-sale during these years reinforcing the process of the ageing and outsourcing of our country because the buyers, in their majority, are retired and the sales are in the tourist areas.

It is a good time to investent in the Spanish real estate sector

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After the endless years of the price fall for the properties with the Spanish real estate bubble explosion it seems that we are approaching little by Little to the prices which encourage to invest in the building sector of our country.

But this growth is not only due to the beginning of the scenario of the increase of the prices, there is another factor of the motivation: the arrival of the liquidity to the Spanish market. There are big Asian capitals looking for the safe countries to invest for a long time with possibilities of benefits and Spain has these fundamental conditions after five years of crisis and 50% price fall.

We have been living for some critical years in the sector but the most optimistic people believe that we have sunk and they predict that we will have some years of a sustained growth in the “brick”, there will be a time when the most sagacious persons can risk their patrimony willing to multiply it the next years.

You have already known the Spanish proverb: “Who hits first hits twice…”